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 sculpture in jewellery

The young artist from Andorra, settled in Barcelona, began her artistic career specialising in the sculpture of iron, a material which she enjoys moulding — a technique which she has demonstrated that she masters in a surprising way. More sporadically, she also works with wood although she declares to have a clear preference for metals. Her artistic sphere widens when she decides to reduce her sculpture to miniatures which she turns into pieces of jewellery. Through her adaptation in the form of jewellery, her sculpture is transported to the scale of the human body. For this purpose she opted for noble metals such as silver (her favourite), gold or bronze, combined with innovative materials like cork, coral or weathering steel. Now and again, she also employs colour, giving a nonchalant touch to the pieces. The final treatment which she applies to the metals’ finishes is worked by hand to the finest detail until she achieves transforming and interpreting her sculptures to a small scale. In order to achieve this she poses herself the following question, How would I wear this sculpture? In this way, an object, initially created to be gazed at (the sculpture) is transformed in order to be turned into a participatory object (the piece of jewellery). The body shares the sculpture through its adaptation as a piece of jewellery which, now at last, may be worn. The sculptural lines of her creations are not confined to any particular trend but rather born with a timeless vocation, without renouncing for all that, to a highly contemporary aesthetic form.


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